Thursday, September 6, 2012

Glacier National Park Montana

Cambo WRS/IQ160 Schneider 35mm lens (2-shot panorama)
Sandy & I returned to Glacier last week for the first time in over 6-years.  The last time we were in Glacier I was still shooting 35mm and hadn't begun to think about medium format.  If I think back I think this last trip was the catalyst to moving to medium format so I was happy and excited on this trip.
Phase One DF/IQ160 Schneider 55mm LS lens (single capture)
I came to Glacier in hopes to capture the vast beauty there using both the Cambo WRS and the Phase DF; both using the Phase One IQ160 digital back.  I also came there with the hopes of using a lighter weight tripod and head.  Thanks to Dave Gallagher, I also was fortunate to use a Schneider 55mm LS lens on the DF body thus giving me wide choices on both the WRS and DF bodies.
Cambo WRS/IQ160 Schneider 35mm lens (2-shot panorama)
My normal tripod is a Gitzo GT5540LS with an Arca Swiss Cube sitting on top.  This combination has proved to be extremely steady no matter the conditions; the drawback is the weight as it weighs just shy of 10 pounds.  Try carrying an extra 10 pounds on a steep trail.  I added what I had hoped to be a lighter alternative, using a Feisol CT-3442 with a new Arca Swiss D4 geared head all weighing slightly less than 5 pounds.  Will it work?  Short answer is yes it did.  I ended up using the Feisol/D4 combination the entire 4-shooting days in Glacier with great success.  I found the weight difference great and while the D4 works well it isn't the Cube; but in the end I like it.
Phase One DF/IQ160 Schneider 55mm LS lens (f/8 30 seconds)
We would have liked better conditions however what we got was periods of heavy smoke with little to no clouds with the air smelling of smoke.  We did get a break one day when the smoke cleared and we were greeted with clouds.
Stay tuned for more images from Glacier.

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