Friday, May 16, 2008

On the road to Alaska Day 2

It’s the end of day two and we’ve seen temps ranging from 54 to 87 degrees. Total mileage from Tucson is 571 so we are getting closer to Alaska!

Drove 9 ½ hrs today which turns out about 2 hours longer than we anticipated. The original goal was to drive from Camp Verde to Jacobs Lake (North Rim Grand Canyon) only to find the camp ground closed til the 20th. We kept driving and are now sitting in Cedar City UT, across the street from a carnival where a bag of cotton candy is $3.00 (please don’t ask how we know).

So we’re 2 hours ahead of our informal schedule for tomorrow which should work out great as we plan on stopping at Cabalas tomorrow.

All in all an uneventful day which if you think about it is just what we wanted.

Next update will be from St Mary MT which we should get to Monday or Tuesday latest.

Kaibab Nat'l Forest

Vermillion Cliffs

Hope you enjoy the videos!

Sandy & Don