Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On the road to Alaska! Day 7

There’s a lot of catching up to do…

We had said that we had experienced an uneventful day back in day 2 that was to change at the end of the following day. Saturday evening Don came down with a stomach flu which put us on the sidelines for 2 nights. Thankfully we had stopped at a rest area/ truck stop for the night and just stayed there until Monday morning. Guess it was a very wise move in leaving a day early! Monday we drove into Great Falls MT and treated ourselves to a hotel room and drove into St Mary MT Tuesday morning. We had decided to spend two nights here so we’re right on schedule.

After resting up Monday in Great Falls we drove the 178 miles (3 1/2 hours) to St Mary stopping first in Browning to visit the Museum Of The Planes Indians (great place to visit); while there we saw the folks that drive the old red tour buses into Glacier National Park undergo drivers training.

We arrived in St Mary early afternoon with temps in the 70’s with little to no wind. Last night we got rain, thunderstorms, and cold wind. Today the clouds are all around us with cold gusty winds with temps around 40 and gusts 35+.

We cross into Canada in the morning (Day 8) and should be in Dawson Creek Day 9 where we’ll do another update. So far we’ve traveled 1,572 miles from Tucson. Fuel is expensive but we’re getting better than planned fuel economy and paying less than budgeted.

The entire area is rich in history of both the Blackfoot Nation and the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

We’re both feeling fine and looking forward to the next leg of the trip.

Thank you for all the email and support.....

Sandy & Don