Friday, May 23, 2008

On The Road To Alaska Day 9

Recap and update:
For those who just tuned in, we left Tucson AZ on Thursday May 15th traveling to Alaska, it’s now Friday May 23rd and we just arrived in Dawson Creek BC Canada some 2,326 miles later. We’ve driven through high winds, rain, some fog, overcast, and sickness to get here. We took an involuntary day off in McCammon ID due to stomach flu/food poisoning and a voluntary day off in St Mary MT to just rest and goof off.

What it looked like in St Mary the morning we left:

We crossed into Canada at the Piegon port of entry; it actually has taken longer to write about the event than the actual event took. Needless to say, the crossing was great. No weapons, smokes, or alcohol and we were granted entry.

We drove from St Mary MT to a little casino just outside of Whitecloud AB called Eagle River Casino. No, we didn’t enter the casino we just used their parking lot much like a couple other travelers did. We left the casino this morning (May 23rd) and after driving through Grande Prairie AB arrived here in Dawson Creek BC a little after 1 p.m. It’s been raining since St Mary with the temps in the mid to lower 40’s and absolutely no sun.

The plan is to stay here for a day and visit the sites. We’re in the “Mile 0 Campground” which is actually located at the 1 mile marker of the Alaskan Highway so technically we’re “on the way”. It’s still something like 1,400 miles to Fairbanks but a quick check of the weather shows a clearing with sunny skies and temps in the 60’s.

We’re both feeling great and looking forward to the next leg. Not too sure when the next update will be but we should be in Fairbanks June 1st.

See ya in Alaska!

Sandy & Don