Friday, January 30, 2009

Goodbye to the Redwoods

This is my fifth and final day in the Redwoods in some ways I’m sorry to leave. Everyday I went into the woods I came out with a lot of good images. Every time I walked the trails I continuously was amazed at the utter beauty of this area. I kept a running joke with myself about turning a corner and coming face to face with a animal long extinct or some human in bearskin carrying a club; what I did find on my last day borders on the strange, at least to me. I found a tree that was growing across the trail I was on with roots at both ends and shoots that were growing upwards. I also found a tree that had taken root on top of an older fallen tree.

I’m sorry to leave but I figure I’ll be back. I would also like to encourage those who have not done so to visit this beautiful place, you won’t be sorry.

I head home in the morning stopping twice but should be home on Monday; Tuesday is when the real work begins loading all the images onto the studio computer then shifting and sorting through to find the ones I want to print. We’ve decided to add a new gallery to our website that will contain recent or current work; the work will stay in this gallery for a couple months then either be moved to the appropriate gallery or removed all together so please visit the website.

I’d like to thank Michael Reichmann owner of The Luminous Landscape whose visit to the Redwoods and subsequent video (Volume 4 Issue 16) prompted this trip.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and view the images.


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  1. Enjoyed seeing you on the Redwood trail off Walker Road. We are the ones who didn't see you until you said "Good Morning". Thanks for giving us your card so we could visit you site. We think you have great pictures! What a great country God has given us to enjoy. Janet & Roger <>< <><