Monday, January 26, 2009

Jedediah Smith Redwoods

Started today with a visit to Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park which if you’re in the area is a must; Stout Grove in particular. Stout Grove is home to a stand of uncut Redwoods and also the place where Jurassic Park was filmed; I half expected to meet some creature coming around the corner. I kept hearing creaking noises which I can only figure were coming from the trees as they moved (I’m sure it wasn’t my knees).

Only spent a couple hours in the park and have decided to return later this week. I did go to the coast in hopes of doing some landscape shots and stayed for sunset. The coastal images are from Wilson Creek area as well as the Klamath River Overlook.

More Redwoods tomorrow; hope you enjoy the images.



  1. You ever go bushwhacking off-trail in the redwoods to see if anything catches your eye for photographing?

    Jed Smith is one of my favorites. On trails and off the trails too.


    M. D. VadenBeaverton / Portland

  2. Thank you M.D. I didn't go too far off trail this time as it was my first visit however I do plan on returning next year. Jedediah Smith has easily earned a top place as a must return.


  3. We just included Boy Scout Tree Trail last week. Nice weather. There is some nice variety in there, from fern meadows acres in size under the canopy to huge trees. And the small waterfall.


    M. D. Vaden

    Beaverton / Portland

  4. M.D. Thanks for the update. I might be returning next year late January early February.