Thursday, January 29, 2009

Surf and Turf

I am awed at the lushness of the forest with the colors and dense trees. The trees are so thick in places that even while it’s a sunny day you find yourself in deep dark shadows where the temperature borders between chilly and down right cold. I’ve found that a good sturdy tripod is a necessity as most of my exposures are either ½ second to 1 full second. Any time I shot faster than ½ second I thought I was a speed demon!

I want to put a plug here for a great place to eat called “She-She’s CafĂ©” on Highway 199 in Gasquet. This place has been here “forever” and the current owner (who’s nickname is She-She) has owned and operated the place for the past 24 years. If you get hungry like I did today and want a good old fashion messy hamburger then this is the place. I had spent the morning in the woods and had built up an appetite by the time I drove past and saw the open sign. I decided to stop and I’m glad I did great food! Of course I went right back into the woods to work my lunch off.
The final image is sunset from today at Harris Beach State Park; decided to return there to see the sunset.

Hope you’ve enjoy the images.


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  1. wow. I have to admit that with every trip you take to Sequoia National Park and with all the resulting images I become even more awestruck by that forest. Hope you had a great time.