Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Desert Spring Part II with a Canon 1DsIII & Leica M9

Earlier we wrote about the Spring wildflowers taken with the Leica M9, this edition will include images taken with Sandy's Canon 1DsIII as well as more from the M9.

I had thought I'd given up shooting landscape with a 35mm when I made the move to medium format. I feel the "go to" camera setup is still the Cambo WRS1000 and Phase One P45+ however I have seen from thoroughly testing and using the Leica M9 that it is a great camera and one that I look forward to using both as a stand alone as well as a companion camera to the P45+. We're returning to Monument Valley and Moab next month and I plan on using both camera while there. Each camera (at least to me) has it's own niche; the Leica M9 is lightweight capable of producing stunning images however at a lower print size than I normally like. The Cambo WRS1000/P45+ is heavier than the M9 thus I won't be able to take it for the long hikes that I've been able to with the M9. The plus side to the P45+ is the ability to produce stunning image printable to a huge size. Both camera are capable of producing stunning images so it will be the distance I need to hike which will be the deciding factor on which gets used on a particular location. I can see hiking into the Grand Canyon with the M9 and the trio of lens while I can't say the same for the Cambo WRS/P45+.

There are a lot of images to share from the 2-days of shooting wildflowers in our area and we'll separate them into the 2-cameras used.


Leica M9:

We'll be posting a few "behind the scenes" images of what we've encountered while shooting the most recent wildflower images; we'll also have a video or two from our "Jeep-Cam" so stay tuned.

Once again we'd like to thank you all for visiting. Please remember that we welcome all comments.

Sandy & Don

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