Thursday, April 8, 2010

Infrared Time-lapse Photography

This is what happens when you have too much time on your hands...

I'm in-between projects and somewhat bored; a recent email conversation with Doug Peterson, Capture Integration's Head of Technical Services got me rethinking something that I had shelved. Infrared time-lapse photography.

Living in the Southwest as I do we're noted for days on end with just a blue sky and little to no clouds. I offer this as a way of explaining/setting up the end result; and also to reaffirm this is just a test. I set the 1DsII IR on a tripod in the backyard set it to capture 1-image per minute for 42 minutes giving me a total of 42 images.

Using the 42 images I first opened the images in C1 converting them to black and white and saving to Jpeg. The Jpegs were then sent to Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0 where each image was reset to .15 in the time stretch giving a black & white time-lapse video of 21-seconds.

Using the same 42 images I then first opened them in Canon Digital Photo Pro before sending them to CS4. Once in CS4 I opened the images and used an action to convert all the images to false color IR before saving to Jpeg. I then sent the color Jpeg images to Adobe Premiere the same as I had done with the black & white images. I shorten the time stretch of each image to .05 giving me a 7-second video which I feel is much smoother.

I plan on doing more of these so stay tuned.


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