Saturday, April 17, 2010

Desert Spring with the Leica M9

Sandy and I went out this morning to check on the spring wildflowers and came away with a few good images. The colors are just beginning to really pop and should be in full bloom shortly. This will be a two-part post with this one showcasing the images from the M9 while the second while primarily the Canon 1DsIII will also include some M9.

I ended up using all three lens for this shoot and am still very pleased with all of them. I will confess that I had been thinking of getting a 28mm however I don't feel I'd use it enough to justify the cost so I'm very pleased to stick with my current trio of lens. I'm equally pleased with the lack of post processing needed to achieve great colors; the most I need to do is clean up the constant dust spots off the sensor; a major cleaning will be done soon. I've also been experimenting with using a B&W Redhancer 2x enhancing filter of the lens and feel that I like the enhanced color it gives me. Writing this last sentence has given me an idea of posting a test showing an image taken without the filter as well as one taken with the filter; who knows, I just might do that.

Enjoy the samples here and stay tuned for more.

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