Friday, April 9, 2010

Technical Camera Lens Warning!

I have always held the folks at Capture Integration in very high regard and have made no bone about recommending them or endorsing them to others. My feeling haven't changed.

I received an email from Doug Peterson, Head of Technical Services at Capture Integration asking that I pass this information on and am very pleased to do so. What I've decided to do in order to get this information out to those of you who (like me) use a technical camera along with copal shutters is to reproduce the email in its entirety here.

To:; email addresses deleted
Subject: tech camera lens warning
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2010 13:44:00 -0400

If you didn't see this please read ASAP. You guys are the ones that popped into mind immediately. I'd consider it a personal favor if one of you could post this on your blog / getdpi so that our customers that read them can be warned. I'm pretty frantically busy here today.

We've only had two such repairs - so the sky is not falling, probably failure rate is increased from "very very rarely" to "very rarely". However, many of our users only take one or two lenses into the field for long backpacking so I consider this to be a pretty high priority piece of info.

Probably also most such shooters have old-school experience which would already tell them this, but the article is right - much more common to be flipping shutter speeds with the lens open and cocked then when shooting film. I'm guilty of this myself.


Doug Peterson
Head of Technical Services
Capture Integration

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Click on the link above and read a sobering report of what should be the proper use of this type of lens; I'll add my name to Doug saying that I've been guilty as well, seems we need to use a slightly different workflow.

Once again many thanks to the fine people at Capture Integration and specifically Doug for getting this information as soon as he has.


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