Friday, October 24, 2014

Capture Integration

Allow me to begin by saying that no one at Capture Integration asked me to write this; with that said I guess the question should be asked if no one asked me to write it then why am I doing it.  The answer (at least for me) is simple; because I like them. A lot.

I get asked questions all the time about the cameras I work with and sometimes the conversations goes from what's being used to why I'm using it and where I got it.   I just spent a week shooting the Palouse area and having a rather long drive home my mind began to drift to thinking of my next blog. 

I've known the great people at Capture Integration for several years now being fortunate to find them as I began my journey into digital medium format photography.  The single defining moment for me in knowing that Capture Integration was a right fit for me was shortly after contacting them.  I had sent an email requesting information on the 31 megapixel, Phase One P30 digital back.  I had sent the request in late Friday afternoon and fully expected not to hear anything for several days.  Sunday I get a response stating how sorry the sales person is for taking so long.  Monday morning I was on the phone with Capture Integration and within a week I had the back and my switch from film to digital had begun. 

Since then I've brought several 35mm cameras and lens as well as other medium format gear including a new camera body shortly after Phase One released it.  The list of equipment I've used or am currently using is rather long and I won't bore people with it.  Suffice it to say that every single medium format item I have has come from Capture Integration from 645-camera bodies and lenses to my Cambo WRS technical camera and lenses.  The digital backs from them are now up to 4 having progressed from the 30-megapixel P30+ to my current 60-megapixel IQ160 and soon to another.

I learned very quickly that Capture Integration cares for their clients.  I now count Dave Gallagher, founder of Capture Integration as a close personal friend.  Dave has instilled his caring to his employees so you aren't just a customer and they aren't out just to make the sale and move on.  Finding Capture Integration not only gave me a great camera dealer it also gave me a partner that looks out for me as a photographer. 

Just a small note on digital backs.  The majority of any digital back is electronic.  There's very few moving mechanical parts to wear out.  I'd say there are less than 5-total mechanical parts to any back; the part that mates the back to the camera, the card holder door, the card holder and the lock holding the back to the camera.  The Phase One back is a very robust piece of gear and has less chance of anything going wrong than say a camera body with a finite number of shutter activations.  My P30+ was my first Phase One back I bought and one which I made certain to buy new.  The succession of backs since the P30+ have all been used, saving me a huge amount of money; money that could be spent on glass for my cameras.

If you are looking for a top notch camera dealer that is willing to listen to your needs and help you then contact Capture Integration; it doesn't matter if you're looking for 35mm or medium format - you can trust them as I do.  Sales is just a small part of what they offer, they also offer excellent service and training.  Whether you are a Pro or Amateur Capture Integration will be there for you.

Again, I wrote this much in much the same way as I a do when I answer questions of my equipment and where I got it from.  This should come as a complete surprise to Dave that I did this and any mistakes I've made are mine alone.



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