Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Alaska – Day 55 – Utah “Bryce Canyon”

Just as we were leaving the campground in Montana we found the name – “Stoddard”. Here’s what it looked like at sunset …

Woke the following morning (Day 54 Monday July 7th) continuing south into Utah. We made it south of Salt Lake City and into the southern portion when we decided to stop for the night in the Fish Lake National Forest, Castle Rock State Park – but first we had to stop for a typical sunset in this area…..

The next morning, (Day 55 Tuesday July 8th) while heading south we decided to revisit Bryce Canyon National Park, a park we hadn’t been to in close to 4 years. After spending several hours at Bryce we continued south finally crossing back into Arizona and spent the night in Page. Big surprise here – we actually spent the night in a hotel! We decided that after spending 55 days on the road we deserved a break so we checked into the Courtyard Marriot (a hotel Don has stayed at before on a photo shoot in the area).

Sandy found this neat old farm house as we were heading towards Bryce ...

We’re still close to 1,000 miles from home and have driven 9,950 miles since leaving 55 days ago. The plan is to be home within the next couple days however there are still plenty of spots to pull over and visit.

Here's Sandy taking the photo of the old house....

Sandy & Don

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Caty, La ringrazio per voi gentili parole (hope that was correct)

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  1. Thanks to you !!as you described yourself every photograpy is one emotion and when you make this , you make one moment of life !!have a nice journey!