Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Alaska – Day 56 – Page Arizona & Other Stuff

As reported earlier we stayed the night in Page AZ at the Courtyard Marriot. We woke this morning with a mission (actually two); photographHorseshoe Bend of the Colorado River in Page, and drive to Distant Drums RV to spend the night. We accomplished both!

Don has been going to Page to photograph slot canyons and Horseshoe Bend for a number of years. Slot canyons have turned out okay but the goose neck for what ever the reason still give problems; one of the reasons is lens. Don has photographed Horseshoe Bend many times with 35mm cameras and with lens from a fish eye one up. Don and a good friend Ken Doo went to Page early in 2007 to photograph the area; this time in medium format. They went to Horseshoe Bend and both decided that Mamiya’s new wide-angle 28mm lens (17mm equivalent 35mm focal length) would be perfect; however neither had one. Don got the 28mm November 2007 just before he went to shoot the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in December. To make a long story short since he has the lens (and Ken still doesn’t) he had to see if what they predicted was true.

Mamiya 645/P30+ w/28mm lens

Canon G-9

Next stop (tomorrow) is home ….

Sandy & Don

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