Friday, July 11, 2008


It’s Friday July 11th and we are home after 57 days on the road and 10,231 miles. We took well over 120 GB of images so it will be awhile before we get them all cataloged. In short the trip was a huge success that has given us many memories; among them, the bears at Katmai National Park, eagles in Anchor Point, moose galore, and being able to visit the Artic Circle. We are also left with a couple funny memories such as the woman sunbathing topless on the roof of her house and the young lady wearing a leather bikini, hiking boots and a back pack – both of which we saw while driving the Alaskan Highway in the Yukon. We’re left with impressions; the kind warm hearted people of Alaska, and Canada and the polite drivers in both places as well.

Not to mention the utter breath-taking scenic beauty of the area. We think that we have a huge task in front of us in depicting the beauty of what we saw and felt in our images. It will take some time to pick the very best of the images taken to offer in our gallery so have patience as we only want to offer the very best.

A suggestion we can give for anyone thinking of taking such a trip is do it. Take your time and experience what you see. Just because the speed limit says you can go fast doesn’t mean you need to, the joy of driving the Alaskan Highway ranks right up on the very top of the great things we’ve experienced in our life; actually driving for hours at a time without seeing another vehicle or person while experiencing breath taking scenery and wildlife is something hard to explain.

The blog doesn’t end here, we’ll be sharing a few more images and videos from this trip and we have a few other trips in the works such as visiting the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in the fall, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and Death Valley in the winter to name two so stay tuned for updates.

Bye for now

Sandy & Don

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