Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alaska – Day 49 – Dawson Creek British Columbia

We’ve got a little catching up to do so here goes. We last had internet in Haynes Junction about 3 days ago. We should say almost had a connection… We had just enough to get the text loaded but when we attempted to load the images we kept getting kicked off – what do you expect for “free” internet?

We are currently camped in the Mile 0 Campground in Dawson Creek. This is the same campground we stayed in on our way up north. Quite, clean campground and when they say they have WIFI they mean it! We’ve finally loaded the images for Day 47 – just 3 days later.

We’ve seen buffalo, bear, moose, mountain sheep, caribou, and deer the past couple days. We camped at Summit Lake (Stone Mountain Park) last night and got a great landscape of the lake. We actually think it got dark last night – at least darker than it has been for the past 30 days…

We’re headed to Edmonton tomorrow then down to Calgary then over to Banff National Park for a couple days before heading south back into Montana.

Tomorrow is day 50 of our great adventure and we’re still enjoying every minute of it!

We want to give a very special thank you to Patty B at Northgate in Bucking Horse Yukon for your great hospitality.

Sandy & Don

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