Sunday, July 6, 2008

Alaska – Day 53 – Montana - “Big Sky Country”

You can’t really grasp Montana’s motto until you come here and see the country. We left Missoula late this morning and have seen nothing but beautiful cloudscapes. We’re left with the understanding that this state needs to be photographed and we intend to return shortly to do just that.

We drove just shy of 250 miles today headed south towards Tucson and home but decided to stop for the night in a small (un-named to us) National (we think) campground a couple miles off the interstate. We are sharing the campground with a few cows and some wildlife and nothing else. We are experiencing a new novelty – darkness! We noticed that it finally got dark last night – after nearly 45 days – what a sight!

Enjoy the images (shot either with a 1Ds III or Canon G-9) ……

View from our camp

You never know what you'll see on the road...

Sandy & Don

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  1. Thanks!I think I never can to visit this land but when I see your photograpt it is the same to be there ...