Monday, July 12, 2010

Canon 1DsIII Post Processing

Barn & Shed 120mm f/14 1/40 ISO 400

We've shared our processing techniques with the Leica M9 so it's only fair to show what we can do with the Canon 1DsIII.  We often travel together to capture landscape with the 1DsIII being Sandys primary camera. While we often shoot together we try not to capture the same images which isn't hard to do as Sandy has more of an eye for small details while Don tends to shoot the "grand" landscape; (he admits his focus has begun to change slightly with the addition of the Leica M9).

Tin Roofs 33mm f/4 1/800 ISO 400

The post processing is done the same as with the Leica M9 in that we use a combination of Adobe Photoshop CS5, Nik Software Viveza 2 and Capture One Pro 5. (All black & white conversions were done in C1.5 as was the Jpeg.)  All post processing was done by Don so don't blame Sandy if you don't like how the images turned out.

Fixer Upper 44mm f/4 1/250 ISO 400

We're fortunate to have two-full frame 35mm cameras at out disposal that allows us to capture stunning images as well as see the difference between the two. Don still has and uses the medium format Cambo WRS1000 and Phase One P45+ digital back however this edition as well as the previous two are centered on 35mm.

30mm f/4 1/1000 ISO 400

The images of the past two blog entries as well as this were all shot the same day; heavy clouds and scattered rain throughout the day made for some interesting shooting conditions.

50mm f/4.5 1/500 ISO 400

All the images on this page were captured by Sandy and her Canon 1DsIII using a Canon EF28-135 lens.

Mossy Corner 47mm f/4 1/500 ISO 400

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Survey 80mm f/5 1/400 ISO 400
Sandy & Don

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