Saturday, July 10, 2010

Leica M9 Post Processing

I wanted to share some post processing techniques that I use using a combination of Adobe Photoshop CS5, Capture One Pro and Nik software Viveza 2.

The image was shot using a Summicron 50mm at f/3.4 1/1500 at ISO 160.

Original as I first opened it.

This image represents what it looks like after opening and processing in C1 Pro using the B&W Yellow Filter and minor tweaks.

Image opened in CS5 and Adobe ARC to add a gradient filter

Image has been cleaned up using CS5 content awareness. I first wanted to just eliminate the power lines then I decided to see just how well this tools works for I also removed the signs and the box.

This is the last image where a crop was made and last minute processing made using Viveza 2.

All in all I think the image turned out rather well.

The barn and shed is located near Hannagan Meadow off Rt 191 in the Apache National Forest.


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