Thursday, July 15, 2010

Phase One and Leaf Summer Promotions

I don't believe I've hidden the fact that I've been a long time client of Capture Integration nor the fact that I consider the owner Dave Gallagher a good friend. Likewise I don't believe I've hidden the love affair I have with Phase One digital backs first using the P30+ and now P45+.

Dave has allowed me to test equipment I felt was suitable for my landscape work and for that I'm grateful. Over the past years I've bought my first Mamiya 645 AFDII then the new Phase One AFD III as well as just about all my glass and the P30+ from Dave. In-between I've also brought at least one-Canon G9 (or was that the G10?) and Sandy's Canon 1DsIII (as well as the 1DsIV when she gets around to it). Thanks to Dave I also switched to using the great Cambo WRS 1000 and several Schneider lenses as well as the P45+ I currently enjoy using. Lastly let's not forget the new Leica M9 and lenses. I offer this as an explanation of the deep relationship I have with Capture Integration. Everything mentioned above was brought and paid for by Iron Creek Photography - there were no freebes.

I also can't talk about Dave and Capture Integration without mentioning Doug Peterson, Head of Technical Services (Miami). Doug is the type of person that will answer his phone at all hours of the day or night to provide assistance for those dreaded times when Murphy's Law rears its ugly face.

I've written quite a bit here over the years about the systems I use or have used yet I've never made a direct sales pitch - and I'm not starting now. I do want to be totally up front in that I do not receive any compensation from Dave for the information I pass on here; I've decided that I wanted to pass this information to the many people who read this blog who might be interested in finding an honest dealer to whom to do business with. My reputation means too much to me to just throw it away and Dave feels the very same way; must be why we get along so well as business associates and friends.

Okay what am I leading up to? Just as the title of this post says (some smoking hot) Phase One and Leaf Summer Promotions. Trust me when I say I wouldn't share this if I truly didn't believe in Dave or his company. What I've done here was a near direct cut and paste of a thread from a forum that Dave posted to a short while ago. I went and took the liberty of adding contact information at the end otherwise all the rest comes directly from Dave. Read it then get in touch with Dave if you find yourself interested.

"Finally Phase One and Leaf have come out of hibernation for the winter and announced some pretty spectacular savings on their new systems. Of course, buying a new digital system the summer of a Photokina year should have most people asking more questions. But we, Capture Integration, have been putting price protections in our quotes for the last few months and now the manufacturers have put the following in writing as well:

"Photokina" Insurance from Leaf and Phase One

If a customer purchases a back and we release a new system at Photokina, the customer can upgrade to that new system for just the price between the older digital back and the new digital back.

This is all you could ask for from a manufacturer. You will have the ability to shoot today with the best system on the market and continue to shoot until any new product is shipped. This is important because shipping dates are often 3-4 months behind announcement dates of products (do not use the Hasse 60mp as a announcement/shipping guideline). So add from today, then until kina, and then actual shipping... and we are then looking at 9 months of waiting when you could be shooting and making a living with an improved product. Again, this is the kind of partnership that you want when buying a product of this nature.

Now to the specials: I am going to list them briefly because there are so many ways to configure them.

Leaf Aptus II 5, DF Body-----------------------$9,990
Leaf Aptus II 6, DF Body----------------------$12,990
Leaf Aptus II 7 , V mount---------------------$12,490
Leaf Aptus II 7, RZ Pro II Kit-----------------$15,990
Leaf Aptus II 7, DF body----------------------$17,990
Trade in to Aptus II 7/8/10/10R--------------Call for pricing
Phase One
P25/P30 Upgrade to P40+-----------------$9,990
P25/P30/P45 Upgrade to P65+-----------$19,990

Up to $17,000 of free Camera/Lenses with P65+ purchase

FREE: P1 DF Camera ($5,990 Value)
FREE: P1 80mm/2.8 LS Lens ($2,490 Value)
FREE: P1 55mm/2.8 LS Lens ($3,490 Value)
FREE: P1 110mm/2.8 LS Lens ($3,990 Value)

***Lenses can be swapped for any Lens in the Phase One Product Line

And Finally, the Hasselblad Trade-in is Back!!!

You can trade in your H1/H2 body and lenses towards new DF body and lenses with any new digital back purchase and receive 50% discounts on the new products.

With any of theses specials it is best to call or e-mail us about the specifics. And as always, we are willing to think "outside of the box" to make it work for the customer. These specials are the first of its kind this year for these two manufacturers and they are quite strong, If you are considering one of these lets look at them quickly as I suspect that we will be having an influx of backorders as the national/international orders start to build up.

Thank you for letting us be a part of this forum. We learn as much from the members as the members from us and we appreciate the support from each and everyone of you greatly.

Dave Gallagher"
Owner Capture Integration
email at
National 877-217-9870
Atlanta 404-522-7662
Miami 305-350-9900
Direct 770-846-5223

You can also visit the website by clicking on the link to the right.

As always thanks for letting me share this information.


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