Sunday, July 11, 2010

Leica M9 Post Processing Part II

I wanted to share the following images which are all part of the same set taken at Hannagan Loop; again these were all taken with the Leica M9 and Summicron 50mm lens.

Shed - f/3.4 1/1000 ISO 160

Corner - f4.8 1/350 ISO 160

Corner - f/4 1/350 ISO 160

Barn - f/9.5 1/500 ISO 320

Barn - f/2.8 1/2000 ISO 160

Like the previous sample from yesterday these images were all processed using a combination of Adobe Photoshop CS5, Nik Software Viveza 2 and Capture One Pro 5. The camera is set to shoot DNG (RAW) uncompressed files giving a file size of 36mb; the ISO at auto with a range of 160 to 640.

Please feel to make any comments you wish or ask questions.

Thanks for allowing me to share and I hope the last two blogs have been of some assistance. Next up will be color images taken with a Canon 1DsIII so stay tuned.


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