Monday, May 9, 2011

Viewing past images from the Cambo WRS1000/P45+

I've found myself in-between shooting having finished processing the images from our last trip (Bluff UT) and waiting for the next trip in June.  I will be taking a couple days off later this week traveling to Phoenix where I'll be attending a Capture Integration Capture One Training (and be getting my new wooden handles for the WRS).

Beach Sunset
Cambo WRS 1000, P45+ 1/30 ISO 50
Single image processed using C1Pro, CS5 and Nik Viveza 2

Having nothing better to do this morning I decided to revisit a couple spots I visited in 2009 while the Cambo WRS was still new to me.  Capture One, Photoshop, and Nik Software have all been updated several times since these visits thus affording me the chance to re-look at the images with a slightly different perspective.

California Redwoods
Cambo WRS 1000, P45+, 35mm, 1/5 ISO 50
Single image processed using C1Pro, CS5 and Nik Viveza 2

I've found that by returning to older image files I see things I've missed before; additionally the software I use is constantly being updated as well as my processing abilities. You never stop learning...

Monument Valley
Cambo WRS 1000, P45+, 120mm 1/8 ISO 50
Single image processed using C1Pro, CS5, Nik HDR Efex Pro & Viveza 2

Every image included here was taken with the Cambo WRS1000 and Phase One P45+ digital back.  The lenses used are all Schneider ranging from 24mm, 35mm, 72, and the short barrel 120mm.  I'll include as much information as I can for each image.

Peeking Through
Cambo WRS1000, P45+, 24mm, f/8 1/125 ISO 50
Single image processed using C1Pro, CS5

I've gotten a few requests to share what a "normal" work flow is for processing images from the Cambo so I decided to share a brief overview here.

The normal work-flow processing when working on images from the Cambo consist of the following:

  • - Opening the images in Capture One Pro and running the Len Cast Corrections (LCC) on each image.
  • - Grading each image with either a 1 or 0 then running each of the images graded 1 to see which is a 2, then regarding the 2 images to a 3 all the way to 5 which will be the images that I'll spend the time processing. Once I've processed the images in Capture One Pro I then open them in Photoshop (currently CS5)
  • - The images in CS5 are further processed into either a stitched panorama, layered into a layered focus image or some cases a single image will be opened.
  • - Each image has it's own way of processing so I do not use any pre-recorded actions (other than the copyright on the web images.
  • - I'll listen to the image and let it tell me when it's finished; spending as little as 15minutes to well over several days.
  • - Then I decide on which image will be used as a sample image for the blog or which will be printed and placed on sale.
This is a very simplified view of the processing of all our images. The only step different from the tech camera and our 35mm is the LCC.

Spyder Woman Rock
Cambo WRS 1000, P45+, 24mm f/8 1/8 ISO 50
Single image processed using C1Pro, CS5, Nik Viveza 2 (cropped)

Cambo WRS 1000, P45+ 120mm f/8 1/125 ISO 50
3-image stitch panorama processed using C1Pro, CS5, Nik Viveza 2 (cropped)
Same image as above however added processing using Nik Silver Efex Pro

Thank-you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the images. You're comments and questions are always welcome.
Redwood Shadows
Cambo WRS 1000, P45+ 35mm 1/4, ISO 50
2-image stitched processed using C1Pro, CS5 and Nik Silver Efex Pro



  1. Hey Don,
    the wooden handles for the they fit over the current metal handles or do they remove the original handles before putting wooden ones on?



  2. Hi Justin, The wood handles replace the original metal handles which are held in place with 3-screws. This is a topic that I hope to cover very soon. Don