Monday, March 5, 2012

Arizona Poppies

Canon 1DsIII 70mm f/11 1/250 ISO100 (Non crop)

100% crop

After working 4-days straight in the studio printing images we decided we needed a break.  What better way to take a break than to check on the wildflowers in our area.  Sandy was armed with her Canon 1DsIII and  EF24-70 (macro) while Don had his Phase One DF and P65+.  Don doesn't have a micro lens (yet) so he cheated and used the 80mm and 150mm lenses.  Of course if helps having 60 megapixels.  The closest focal on the 80mm is 2.5 feet (.762 meters) and the 150 is 3.5 feet (1.06 meters).  Most if not all of Sandy's images were taken at 18" (0.5 meters).

Canon 1DsIII 70mm f/11 1/250 ISO100 (Non-crop)

Canon 1DsIII 70mm f/11 1/250 ISO 100 (Non-crop)

A minor note of interest is that all the images included here were handheld.  While we might have been able to get slightly better captures on the tripod we really didn't think to put one in the truck.  It was also a little windy so we're not certain a tripod would of help all that much.  Okay, end of excuses...

Phase One DF 150mm f/11 1/500 ISO100 (non crop)

100% crop

Phase One DF 150mm f/11 1/500 ISO100 (non crop)


Both of these images were taken using the DF's auto-focus.  Yeah, Don's heard the stories that the auto focus isn't all that great.  He say's he's never experienced any problems or concerns.

And sometimes you just need to get eye-level...

Phase One DF 150mm f/11 1/350 ISO100 (non crop)

And to prove how well the 80mm can do close-up...

Phase One DF 80mm f/8 1/500 ISO100

This turned out to be a fun couple hours traveling the dusty back roads in our area.  We were fortunate to find small patches of wildflowers however we feel we're a couple weeks too early for the big show.
Thanks as always for allowing us to share.  Please remember your comments, thoughts and suggestions are always welcome.

Sandy & Don

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