Wednesday, March 21, 2012

EJJI 10K Rechargeable Battery at Capture Integration

I'm going to steal Dave Gallagher's thunder a little here and talk a about the EJJI 10K battery. 

We're currently in Atlanta GA home to such greats as Coca-Cola, Georgia Aquarium, underground Atlanta, and of course Capture Integration (CI). The very first stop shortly after arriving in Atlanta yesterday afternoon was Capture Integration.

February 4th, Dave teased us all with images of a rechargeable battery pack for a Phase One body.  The battery pictured on CI's website is shown sitting alongside the normal AA battery holder.  I remember calling Dave and asking for more information and Dave telling me to "cool my heels" as they only had the one set and had just begun testing.  As with everything else CI does they wanted to be certain the battery  performed as advertized before offering them to their clients.

And test it they did.  They initially used a Phase One 645DF before switching to a Mamiya 645AFD.  They blew the shutter of the AFD after 10,000 frames and the battery was still working.  Not satisfied with the results they then tried to drain the battery by using a DF body set to never sleep and custom function set to Lithium Ion batteries.  They report the battery survived nearly 2-days.

So I called again and was told they ordered a batch of batteries and were waiting for them to clear customs.  And I kept calling (sorry Dave) and was told the same thing.  Waiting for customs clearance.  As reported earlier we met Dave in the Everglades this past weekend and again I asked about the batteries.  Dave told me Tuesday.  Of course he failed to mention which Tuesday.

It just so happens we arrived in Atlanta on a Tuesday.  UPS delivered the batteries. I say I was helping to open the boxes.  Dave might disagree with that but that's my story. 

You have options when ordering the battery.  You can order 1-battery and 1-charger or 2-batteries with a charger.  The 2-battries and charger come in a large outer box that contains 3-seperate boxes; 2-batteries and 1-charger.  The packaging is nice and protective. As nice as the packaging is I was more interested in what they contained.

I've had the batteries less than 24-hours and am very pleased.  The battery is a tight fit and looks great.  More importantly right out of the box the battery shows a full charge.  I used it for several frames later in the day and have had no problems.  The spare battery was placed in the charger and within 60-mintues showed a full charge.

I don't have any images yet to share however I'm very pleased.  This now allows me to carry a spare battery much the same as Sandy does with her 1DsIII and change much easier than before.  The box says the battery saved 9,000 AA batteries.  Is it worth the money?  Yes.

I'd suggest you contact CI for much more information on these batteries and how to order them.

Thanks Dave and CI Staff for allowing me to help open the boxes (like you had a choice).


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  1. I made a mistake in saying the battery save "18,000 AA batteries". The outter box containing the 2-batteries and charger had the notation of 18,000. The individual battery box shows 9,000 AA batteries saved. So, each battery should save us 9,000 AA batteries. Sorry for the confusion. Don