Friday, June 19, 2009

Cambo WDS & WRS Final Comparison

I've now had the pleasure of comparing the WDS to the WRS for a week. I've shot both in my normal working environment which is outside in any type weather standing on a cliff face.

I'm adding images of the two bodies with the WRS sitting directly in front of the WDS. Both have a tripod plate attached as well as a back adapter. I had to use a weight to steady the WDS and that's what you see in 2 of the images; it's an 18volt battery to a portable drill.

Something I might nit have covered before is the lens fit. I checked with Capture Integration and learned there is a difference in fir between the two bodies. All my lens felt "sloppy" in the WDS; I felt a certain amount of play with all the lens. The lens fits much better on the WRS. The only difference I could tell is the WDS has one locking lever while the WRS has two. Maybe someone else can address this.

I was surprised at the weight difference; 1 pound. I had both bodies weighted on a certified shipping scale; 3.2 pounds for the WDS and 2.2 pounds for the WRS. The weights include the tripod attachment as well as the back adapter.

Here's the images:

I also want to again thank Dave Gallagher and Chris Lawery of Capture Integration for sending me the Cambo WDS to play with.

My hands down favorite is the WRS.


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