Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jackson Hole Wyoming (through the lenses of a Leica M9)

Leica M9 50mm f/3.4 1/1500 ISO 160

Leica M9 50mm f/2.4 1/4000 ISO 160

Leica M9 35mm f/3.4 1/4000 ISO 160

We've been in the Jackson Hole area since October 4th, some 17 shootings days now and have been blessed with mostly cloudy skies and a few disappointed days with clear cloudless skies.  I checked the weather and it's calling for a major storm to hit  Sunday and Monday with snow at the higher elevations.  We've got 7-shootings days before we need to leave Jackson for the drive home and 5 of those days looks to be perfect shooting days with clouds and either rain or snow or both.  My feelings has always been when capturing landscape the worse the weather the better the images.

Leica M9 50mm f/9.5 1/500 ISO 160

Leica M9 24mm f/2.8 1/1000 ISO 160

I've decided to separate a few images from what Sandy and I have been doing while here and show them as samples of what the various Leica lenses are capable of.  As you might remember I got the Leica M9 in February along with a tri of Leica lenses (many thanks to Dave Gallagher and Capture Integration).  My original lenses were the Summicron 35mm & 50mm and the Summarit 90mm; I added a Elmarit 24mm about a month ago.  After waiting for over 4-months for a new Elmarit 135mm f/3.4 I decided to take a chance and brought what has turned out to be a very good copy of a used Elmarit 135mm.  My inability to get a new Elmarit 135mm was no fault of my dealer, rather it was and remains Leica's inability to keep up with demand.

Leica M9 24mm f/3.4 1/1500 ISO 160

Leica M9 50mm f/8.0 1/1000 ISO 200

I went through the past couple days picking samples to share not really looking at which lens was used but wanting to have at least one of each.  I've noticed while here I keep either the 24 or the 50mm attached to the M9 and switch out as needed.  I've also found that I need to be more careful as I switch between a coded lens and the 135 as sometime I've forgotten to manually select the 135 and other times I've forgotten to switch back to auto; this is just workflow issue I need to work on.

Leica M9 90mm f/5.7 1/1000 ISO 160

Leica M9 135mm f/13 1/500 ISO 320

While looking at and evaluating the images please remember they've been processed using a 17" laptop and while I make every effort to calibrate the screen it just isn't the same as my studio monitor.  All the images show here and other blog entries have been processed using a combination of Capture One Pro, Photoshop CS5 and NIK Software Viveza 2, all 64bit software.

Leica M9 24mm f/11 1/350 ISO 200

Leica M9 50mm f/13 1/500 ISO 320

Thank you for allowing me to share our experiences and remember your comments and questions are welcome.


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