Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Alaska - Day 27 A Day In Denali National Park

Getting up at 440 a.m. (who says this isn’t a job?) we drove to the Denali Wilderness Center where we boarded a (school) bus at 615 for a 11 hour (round trip) to Wonder Lake. This was one of the longest trips the park has to offer. The neat thing about these buses is that you have the option to get off and re-board as often as you wish. Don’t feel like going all the way? Just get off and catch a returning bus. Want to stay at a particular area or take a short hike? You can do that as well. We did the entire trip and boy were we tired by the end! BUT

We got to see snowshoe rabbits, artic ground squirrels (reminded us of prairie dogs), caribou, moose, dall sheep, golden eagles, fox, owl & babies, and grizzly bears & cubs. All in an eleven hour period! We didn’t see the Mountain as she was covered in clouds. We also were able to see and capture some beautiful landscape scenery. We were able to enjoy the brand new visitors’ center at Eielson where we learned that it had just opened three days prior.

We will be here for another 6 days then on Tuesday June 17th head to Homer. Can’t share any images as the internet connection is one step above two cans and a string but we will just as soon as connections improve.

Marcia – you got to try the hot chocolate at the Denali Wilderness Center a choice of either white or dark (Sandy had the white and Don the dark)

Sandy & Don

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