Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alaska – Day 38 Anchor Point – Alaska State Park

We couldn’t start this update with expressing our thanks to Millie Jeakins of Timeless Titles who we met yesterday at Coal Point Trading Company. After speaking with us for a short time Millie first invited us to her backyard then also offered us another place to visit to see and photography eagles; so a very big thank-you Millie for telling us of Anchor Point.

As you might gather, we spent the majority of the day at the State Park in Anchor Point watching moose (it didn’t stay around for very long) and eagles – lots of eagles. We recommend Anchor Point as a place to watch eagles.

Tomorrow we go to bear camp at Hallo Bay!

Sandy & Don

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  1. I think your pictures are wonderfull!I dont' speack English very well but I shall look for to understand your post all the same !(I live in Italy)

  2. Caty - Thank you very much for your kind words. Sandy & Don

  3. Hi Sandy and Don, I'm so glad that AP. worked out for you! I really like the pictures that you posted, I can't wait to see the keepers! Have a blessed day Millie