Thursday, June 26, 2008

Alaska – Day 43 Final return to Anchor Point

It is now Thursday, June 26th and it’s our last full day in Homer; we leave tomorrow morning headed back to Tok then onto the Alaskan Highway for the return trip home. We’ve been in Homer for 10 days; longer than anywhere else this trip. We’ve met some very nice people who have helped us get some fantastic images. We want to once again thank Hallo Bay for their excellent service to Katmai National Park and getting us close to the bears and a very special thank you to Millie Jeakins who told us about the gathering of eagles in Anchor Point. Millie is starting out as a photographer and has done some fantastic work herself – THANK YOU VERY MUCH Millie!!

We decided to return once again today to Anchor Point to see and photograph the eagles.

As we said before, this is our last full day in Homer. We’re headed home to Tucson but the ride isn’t over yet as we have a trip planed to the National Bison Refuge in Montana. While we’re not sure when the next update will be, it will happen so please stay tuned.

We’ve shown you samples of the work we’ve done in Alaska – they may look okay but they aren’t the pick of the litter. Once we get home and back in the studio the real work begins. Once we have the “keepers” sorted and placed on our regular website they will be for sale. We are still thinking about a DVD slideshow but want feedback on that before we decide to do it. Thank you for all you comments both public and private.

Just a little landscape

Enjoy the samples.
Sandy & Don

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