Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catching up with the Leica M9

I've been in Monterey CA for 2-days and in that time I've driven to San Francisco to meet with Dave Gallagher, owner Capture Integration where he, Ken Doo myself and like minded crazy photographers visited Sutro Baths while the fog was so thick at times you couldn't see past 10 feet, (John) Muir Woods National Monument and of course Alcatraz. I've included images from all three spots all except one was captured with the M9 in various light conditions using various lenses (35, 50 or 90) and ISO up to 500. I have included one IR shot taken with the 1DSII IR camera as I happen to like it. That takes care of Thursday and as you might imagine we had a full day especially when you take into account Ken and I were up at 330 for the drive to SFO then we all had to make the 2-hours to Monterey/Carmel.

Yesterday (Friday) we hit the beaches early for sunrise and traveled up and down Big Sur visiting special spots that Ken knows; I've included a couple images taken yesterday, again all with the Leica M9.
As much as I like the camera and make no bones about telling people that, I've come to the conclusion there is something I don't like. It's not a deal breaker however I'll need to address it very soon especially before Summer. It's the camera strap. The middle plastic part that's smooth on one side with "Leica" printed on it and the other side looks like a close up of rough sandpaper; this concept might be okay if you have the camera on your shoulder however after a couple hours around my neck my neck felt like it was rubbed raw.

There's more today here in Carmel and I'll add at least one more post before I move over to Yosemite Monday so stay tuned.

If anyone asks if you can shoot landscape with the Leica M9 tell them yes and refer them here.


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