Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monument Valley vs. Valley of the Gods

We received the following comment of an older blog entry:

"Stumbled across you photos while searching info. on Valley of the Gods as we are considering stopping there since we might not have time to visit Monument Valley ..."

I replied quickly with "As nice as the Valley of the Gods is Monument Valley is a must see."

I've had time to consider that remark and wanted to add to it and at the same time post it where it might get maximum exposure thus the reason for " Monument Valley vs. Valley of the Gods".

Valley of the Gods is a nice 15 mile drive through some very nice scenery. Notice I call it "nice" not iconic. Don't get me wrong, I really like Valley of the Gods and have spent a lot of time there. There isn't a better place to camp (for free) and watch the dark skies. However it isn't Monument Valley.

The drive through Monument Valley is about as long as the Valley at close to 15 miles. Both roads are dirt and can be dusty, muddy and full of ruts depending of when you go.

What gives Monument Valley the leg up is the iconic scenery. Watch almost any John Ford or John Wayne movie and you'll see Monument Valley. The scenery isn't just iconic - it's breathtaking. I've sat alone in Monument Valley for hours at a time just to soak in the beauty.

So my advice to anyone who's on the fence on where to go is this. If you have a couple hours and can only go one place pick Monument Valley. If you have more time then think about going to Valley of the Gods.


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