Monday, February 15, 2010

Landscape shooting with the Leica M9

I've had the M9 now for 5 days and I'm currently on my way to meet with Ken Doo and Dave Gallagher in Carmel. I decided to leave Tucson a little early so that I might be able to try the M9 in a few locations that I'm familiar with so after checking the weather I decided to make a brief visit to Sedona and the South Rim, Grand Canyon.

This marks the first real time shooting with the camera and I have to say I'm very pleased. I've been able to use the tri of lenses Dave sent and find all three to be very good. I started out using the 50mm then switched to the 90mm and later on to the 35mm. Switching lenses is easy and I still find it remarkable that these three all fit in the palm of my hand. The battery is holding up well and after shooting all day and approximately 102 images still shows over 75%. I'm using a Sandisk Ultra II 16GB card which has so far worked flawlessly. I can format the card in under a minute however I did press the overwrite once by mistake and ended up waiting and waiting; reminded me of watching paint dry. I'll go ahead and add my name to the growing list of people hoping for a fix with the next firmware update.

I only stayed in Sedona for an hour as I had to make it to the South Rim and drive back out to my hotel. All in all I ended up being on the road for well over 13 hours which include the stop in Sedona and Grand Canyon.

I'm off to Barstow in the morning however I'll be following Route 66 all the way so I'll probably turn a 5-hour drive into 10; at least it'll be a shorter day than today.

Enjoy the images.

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Edited to add last image.

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