Sunday, February 21, 2010

Leica M9 in Monterey CA

The get-together with Ken Doo and Dave Gallagher is over. We shot landscape from the San Francisco area to the near southern borders of Big Sur. People were given the opportunity to try various gear from the Cambo WRS1000 to the Leica S-2 along with different Phase One digital backs including the P40+, P45+ and the P65+. Not to mention the 35mm full frame 18 mega pixel Leica M9. I'm not certain however I think we spent close to 40 hours within 3-days talking about and using some of the very best photographic equipment on the market; and it didn't hurt to have what I believe is the best dealer available to answer any questions. Dave also took the time and spent close to 2-hours walking everyone through the various elements of Capture One. Sorry Dave you had to work on a PC but you did come through buddy!

This is the second year Ken and myself hosted this get together and find it was just as fun this year as it was last even though we did miss Chris Lawery who has gone on to other ventures.

Which brings us to today, Ken and I got together this morning for breakfast and knowing I'm testing/writing about my experiences using the Leica M9 Ken suggested a slightly different environment from what I normally shoot. The Monterey Bay Aquarium. Dim light, fast moving objects - oh boy couldn't wait. I shot using the f/2 50mm and f/2.5 90 mm lenses at ISO levels as low as 250 and as high as 800.

Here's some samples of what I was able to capture. 

I leave tomorrow morning for Yosemite where I'll stay for 5-days shooting with the Cambo WRS/P45+ and the Leica M9 so please stay tuned.

In the meantime thanks for visiting.


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  1. It was great having you back in Carmel and using the Leica M9! All I can say is that after seeing that last image from the Monterey Bay Aquarium is: Dinner!!