Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A morning walk in Yosemite Valley with the Leica M9

The primary reason for me to get the Leica M9 was as a companion camera. I wanted a camera that produced a high quality image while not being overly large or heavy. A camera I could use for scouting locations to return to with my Cambo WRS/P45+. All this has been theory till this morning. I took a walk in Yosemite Valley near where I'm staying with just the M9 and my lenses. The walk lasted well over 90 minutes and I figure I walked close to 4 miles. I had my Domke F2 slung around my neck so it would lay on my left side and be able to move either to the rear or closer to my chest. The bag contained two lenses and an extra battery; not much weight at all. I had the M9 around my neck laying on my chest. I began using the 90mm and changed lenses between that and the 35 and 50mm with little problems. This was a spur of the moment decision to take the walk and I honestly didn't think I'd be that long otherwise I would have also taken at least a monopod. I'm pleased to say everything worked as it should. I returned with no back or shoulder problems from the weight of the gear. I even found an area I'll be returning to with the Cambo to shoot in medium format. All told I'd say this morning's walk was a win-win.

I've been complaining about the camera strap and had the chance to fix it yesterday in Monterey at Camera West. Walked into the store and found that they are not only a Leica dealer they also had concerns with the camera strap; so much so that they actually had a replacement made. My M9 is now wearing a very nice, very soft leather strap that is indeed a joy to have around my neck. I want to give a big vote of thanks to the folks at Camera West; sorry I interrupted your morning meeting though.

Here's a sample of the images from this morning. Enjoy

There'll be more later so stay tuned.  Comments are always welcome as are questions.


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